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What people thought of Pass Plus Cymru

Was very informative, this course should be compulsory for every new driver. SS - Anglesey

It was informative and nice to go on the motorway for the first time with somebody. TT- Blaenau Gwent

I was hoping to receive a report on individual elements of the course. E C - Caerphilly

Very worthwhile needs to be advertised more as many friends, family and colleagues don’t know about it. AW - Cardiff

The course improved my driving and made me more aware of other road users.
CP- Carmarthenshire

I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in both the discussion and on road sessions. MH - Ceredigion

The course gave me the opportunity to practice driving in a lot of new areas, Great experience.
CW - Conwy

A worthwhile experience. MS - Denbighshire

Great course. It has really made me a safer driver and has made me more aware of the different situations. It is also great value at £20.00 AH - Flintshire

Very effective course should be highly recommended. And should be compulsory after passing your driving test. RJ - Gwynedd

I felt the on road session was ok but I had already done a lot of motorway driving so it wasn’t that helpful. MM - Monmouthshire

Disappointed with my £91.00 reduction in premium from Tesco when my fully comprehensive cost £2400 AC - Merthyr Tydfil

Really enjoyed the day. Instructor was very friendly and professional. SD - Neath Port Talbot

Useful experience, friendly instructor, informative workshop. EM - Newport

It was good. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without the financial support allowing
me to pay only £20.00. Thanks.
PB- Pembrokeshire

Although I only did it to get lower insurance, I realise that it is worth doing in order to make me a better more confident driver.
HS- Powys

Very worthwhile course it should be advertised a lot more. Mr- Rhondda Cynon Taf

The theory session was really effective. I have already recommended Pass Plus Cymru to my friends. Thanks. SS - Swansea

I enjoyed it, it was valuable and I will recommend. DP – Torfaen

After the theory session the knowledge I had gained I felt was priceless. I have since taken into consideration what I learnt when driving and have definitely become a safer driver. CB- Vale of Glamorgan

Should be made compulsory for all new drivers. Would make many think twice before speeding or acting invincible on the road. HT - Wrexham

It was brilliant and I'd recommend this to my friends. EE - Conwy

The best £20 I've ever spent!! A worthwhile experience!! CG - Gwynedd

I felt the course was an excellent use of my time and money. It has given me more confidence on motorway driving as well as better general awareness. I would recommend the course to anyone who has just passed his or her test. TD - Pembrokeshire

My instructor made me feel very comfortable, boosted my confidence and treated me like a qualified driver, giving helpful advice when required. GH - Powys

Really fun day. Fun and chatty instructor. Totally changed my attitude to driving and has made me much more aware when driving. I also feel confident when driving and safer in my car. EF - Vale of Glamorgan

It helped a lot with my cofidence on the motorway! DC - Bridgend

The course was interesting and informative. The instructor assessed which areas I needed to improve and showed me how this could be done. AJ - Cardiff

I am happy I took the course, I feel it has made me a better driver, I hope the course continues for all young drivers to make the roads a safer place for everyone to use. BT - Bridgend

I really enjoyed the Pass Plus Cymru course. I found that I had picked up a couple of naughty habits  but now I'm aware, I feel that I am a much better driver. MR - Anglesey

Very enjoyable and useful experience. He was a very good instructor, giving me a variety of useful tips to further improve my driving. The theory session was useful especially the section with the fire officer - it helped improve my driving attitude and made me more aware of the dangers of driving.

AT - Bridgend

I enjoyed the course and feel I have benefited greatly from it. I think I am now a more careful, confident driver. JW - Cardiff

I have gained great experience from doing the Pass Plus Cymru course and would like to see all newly passed drivers do this beneficial course. NK - Carmarthenshire

The practice on-road session was brilliant. The instructor was very good. The discussion forum session was a little to long, would have benefited from group work activities.

NW -Carmarthenshire

Trainers attitude was brilliant. Answered all my questions. Was very patient. PK - Conwy

I think the course was excellent, definitely beneficial. I now feel a lot more confident to drive on motorways and in the city centres. The instructor was excellent. He made me feel completely comfortable and not at all nervous and he made the course fun as well as well as a good learning course. Thank you. EJ - Denbighshire

Excellent trainer attitude during practical sessions. Was laid back so it was easier to learn. Very good course overall, will recommend to those I know. AH - Flintshire

Excellent course. Thank you for the opportunity to do the course. Have recommended the course to my friends. CS - Gwynedd

In all I thought that it was excellent. Even though I have been driving for three years I still felt that I learnt a lot from this and I think this course should be compulsory to all new drivers.

DP - Neath Port Talbot

I found the discussion forum both interesting and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the practical on-road session and it built my confidence when driving on the M4. Thank you.

CP - Rhondda Cynon Taff

Found the Pass Plus Cymru course very useful. Feel that my driving and awareness of the roads has improved a lot since completing the course. FS - Swansea

An excellent course that I would recommend to all drivers. I have been driving for over 4 years and still found it helpful and useful. The talk, especially the images were a huge eye opener to the dangers of the road. And the road session was also helpful and definitely a must for new drivers. Thank you very much. RE - Vale of Glamorgan

The length of time I had to wait to do my practical was too long. HO - Wrexham

I know I shouldn't say but before completing the course and watching the DVD I used to drink and drive and also I used my phone when driving. After watching the DVD I don't do it anymore. Thanks Pass Plus Cymru. RB - Wrexham