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In 2006 the Road Safety Wales’ partners (The Welsh Local Authorities, the Welsh Assembly Government, the four Police Forces, the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust, the three Fire and Rescue Services and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) decided that they should invest further resources towards the promotion of young driver safety.

Rather than devise a new scheme it was agreed to invest in the Pass Plus scheme, whilst at the same time seek to offer further enhancements. As a result new drivers in Wales now have an opportunity to undertake Pass Plus Cymru as an alternative to Pass Plus.

Road Safety Wales welcomes any Pass Plus registered ADI to also consider registering with Pass Plus Cymru. The benefits of being involved with Pass Plus Cymru are:

Young people pay just £20 for the complete course as the local authorities fund the rest, making it widely affordable

You will become part of a nationally recognised scheme, fully supported by DSA.
You could promote Pass Plus Cymru to your own students and encourage them to improve their skills, whilst providing you with more business..
You will be eligible to carry out Pass Plus Cymru training in your local area, and throughout Wales, giving you wider scope to deliver the course to more students and help your business.

Pass Plus Cymru consists of two parts:

1. The Discussion Workshop (up to 3 hours)
This covers the six elements of the DSA’s Pass Plus course but is then enhanced with sections looking at driver attitude, drink and drugs and a perspective from the fire service, outlining their role in dealing with road traffic incidents. Once students have taken part in this session it has been noted that interaction between students and the ADI has increased. Students have been provided with information on a wide range of topics and seem keen to find out more about advanced driving and road safety. This exchange of knowledge ensures all parties receive maximum benefit and enjoyment from the session.

2. On Road Training (up to 9 hours)
In your ADI vehicle you will take a pair of students out together to participate in a range of driving situations as detailed in the Pass Plus syllabus. You coach the driver and the other student as the passenger is encouraged to listen and learn from the coaching, ready for when they swap roles. It has been found from previous courses that taking a pair out together actually helps and improves the experience for both as they have an opportunity to listen, learn and reflect as well as practice what they have heard.

It is hoped that ADIs will recognise the additional benefits of Pass Plus Cymru, both in terms of helping young people to improve their driving which in turn may help to reduce incidents and save lives, and importantly as a valuable tool for you and your business. We welcome the opportunity for you to become part of Pass Plus Cymru. However we also understand if you want to continue to solely promote the standard Pass Plus scheme.

If you are an ADI interested in registering with Pass Plus Cymru please click here

Frequently asked questions

Q. What is involved with registration?
A. You will be required to sign a contract with the local authority or organisation managing Pass Plus Cymru in your area and you will need to have both Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance

Q. How much are ADIs paid?
A. At the moment ADIs are paid a minimum of £200 for the 9-hour session (two candidates per session)

Q. Who pays ADIs?
A. Your fee is paid by the local authorities or organisation managing Pass Plus Cymru in your area. Any invoice received during a month is then paid at the end of the next.

Q. Do I take money from the student?
A. Some local authorities or organisations managing Pass Plus Cymru will require you to take the £20 fee from the student at the commencement of training.

Q. How much work can I expect?
A. To some degree it depends upon where you live/work, as there are more Pass Plus Cymru courses available in some areas than others. It also depends upon how many Pass Plus Cymru registered ADIs there are in your area. However, the surest way to get work is if you refer a new driver to a Pass Plus Cymru course and the student requests that his or her training be undertaken with the ADI that has referred him/her.